Origen d’Semal

DO Montsant


Saying ORIGEN DE SEMAL is like saying ‘’excellence, purity, elegance, elixir’’… One Ha. from the Mas d’en Joan Gros vineyard gives a product we dare to define as sublime, unique and heady, which is a delight for our friends-clients. A centenary plot now organically planted with Samsó, cultivated by Josep Maria Vendrell and pampered by Maria Bigordà, father and son. This year, it is the project number 12 with an average production of 185 grams per each vine, and a total of 301 numbered bottles. We believe the Vendrell-Rived and Gran Anyada’s strong passion for this project is perfectly reflected with the explained details.


DO Montsant
Celler Vendrell-Rived
Marçà (Tarragona)


Josep Ma. Vendrell Rived
Marià Bigordà, father
Marià Bigordà, son


100% Organic Cariñena
Aged for 2 months in French barrel


  • Twelfth Project (P-12) from the Mas d’en Gros vineyard, smallholding of 1 organic Ha. organic
  • 102-year-old vineyards, the oldest plantation in the estate, planted in very deep calcareous clay soil.
  • Production of only 185g per vine, in other words: 430kg of grapes per each vineyard Ha.
  • Maximum expression of red fruit, mature with intense colour which will be maintained for more than 14 years thanks to its acidity.


Serve from 14.5-16.5ºC.
Decant the wine 1 hour before serving it. With the bottle at an angle pour the wine trying to keep the flow slow and steady, then slowly spin it counter-clockwise a couple of times and let it sit..


  • Wines are always stored horizontally in a cool place where temperatures don’t go above 18ºC.
  • The colour, its intensity and hue, can define the features and characteristics of the wine.
  • It is important to open the bottles or decant them before consumption depending on the type of wine.
  • The Montsant DO forms a “ring” and inside it we can find the Priorat QDO.


Premium cold meats
Magret duck
Black rice