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DO Ribera del Duero


An exciting project is here!
An exciting project is here! Gran Anyada has found the family-owned land founded by Mariano Gallego and Vicenta Zapatero. It is located in Anguix (Burgos), a DO Ribera de Duero noble area. Together with their two sons, Bienvenido and Ignacio, they lead a business with clear guidelines. They bet for quality and settling down in the area where they are located. They are directed by the oenologist Béquer Prieto, whose experience has allowed them to work together with Gran Anyada in order to achieve this dream project in Ribera de Duero.
Can you imagine it? Go ahead and enjoy it!


DO Ribera de Duero
Bodegas Gallego Zapatero
Anguix (Burgos)


Béquer Prieto Castro
Marià Bigordà, father
Marià Bigordà, son


100% Tinta del país
Fermentació alcohòlica en dipòsit de ciment
Fermentació malolàctica en les barriques
11 mesos de criança en bota de roure francés
14% vol.


  • Goblet-pruned vineyards in our own 60 to 102-year-old clay and calcareous soil plots, located at an average altitude of 850m Production of about 3.000kg/Ha
  • Manually harvested in 15kg fruit boxes. Selected in sorting tables when entering the wine cellar.
  • Very slow and controlled alcoholic fermentation (wild yeast) at about 26ºC
  • Shelf life: around 12 years.
  • Strong red pigmentation with purplish tones and dairy-like brush-strokes (yoghurt-like). Cheerful and clean aroma of ripe, sweet black fruits, plums and blackberries. Pleasant, silky and sweet tannins. Good tear. Long and smooth finish with perfect structure. Lively, versatile Ribera with high acidity.


Serve from 15-17ºC.
Decant the wine 2 hours before serving it. Turn the bottle upside down and let the wine splash out of the bottle into the centre of the decanter, then spin it counter-clockwise a couple of times and let it sit.


  • Wines are always stored horizontally, in cool places where temperatures don’t go above 18ºC.

  • It is important to open the bottles or decant them before consumption depending on the type of wine.

  • The colour, its intensity and hue can define the features, age and characteristics of the wine.


Red meats and big game
Smoked food
Mature cheeses