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Special One

DO Monterrei


Gran Anyada has always looked for areas where the grown varieties express their full potential. The Monterrei DO is one of the Galician denominations located in the south-east of the region, next to Portugal. Its granite slopes are watered by the river Támega, a tributary of the river Duero. That is the reason why the traditional Galician wine-growing varieties have been preserved, and the Godello is one of them. Increasingly, the market asks for a type of wine with character, and which expresses the typicality of the area. That is precisely what the wine experts Jose Manuel Martínez Juste and Marià Bigordà, father and son, have worked hard for. We believe the effort has paid of! Oh, and the name SPECIAL ONE refers to a very good friend of the Gran Anyada team!


DO Monterrei
Grandes Pagos Gallegos de Viticultura Tradicional
Vilaza-Monterrei, Ourense


JM. Martinez Juste
Marià Bigordà, father
Marià Bigordà, son


100% Godello
5 months on fine lees
13,5% vol.


  • More than 20 years of vineyards in hanging plots, located in areas with an altitude of about 405 m. Grown in calcareous soils with granitic composition.
  • Manually harvested in boxes of 15 kg. Crio-macerated at about 5ºC Selection, destemming and maceration of the grapes before its automatic pressing. Controlled fermentation. Minimum of 5 months on fine lees, and stirred once a week. The wine is then stabilized in an stainless steel tank, and bottled at last.
  • Shelf life: about 48 months.
  • Pale yellow color, clean and very bright.
  • Citric and mineral aroma due to the white flowers and fruits (such as pear, apple and aromatic herbs) present in the wine. Cheerful and powerful mouthfeel, which demonstrates the land in which the vineyard has been planted and emphasizes the mineral characteristic of the granitic land. Sweet, long and intense finish.


Serve from 7-9ºC

There is no need to decant the bottle. Simply open it minutes before serving it.


  • This WHITE GODELLO is a long, full and brought to perfection wine, without excessive acidity or an excessively floral aroma.
  • Wines are always stored horizontally in a cool place where temperatures don’t go above 18ºC
  • It is important to open the bottles or decant them before consumption depending on the type of wine.


All kinds of white and freshwater fish
White meat
Gratined vegetables