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DO Almansa


DO ALMANSA is a young and not very big DO, which has always drawn Gran Anyada’s attention for its varieties, climate and edaphology. Its geographical location, known as ‘’Hoya de Almansa’’ (Almansa’s wide valley), has an altitude between 700 and 1100 metres, in pretty much flat land, not very undulating, and with a dry continental climate, although milder than in the interior area of La Mancha. These conditions and mostly-grown non-traditional varieties have allowed Marià Bigordà, father and son, to work together with their good friend and winemaker Adolfo Cano. We have been able to present wines which surprise because of their aromatic, fresh and very fruity richness, as well as being voluminous and nice in the mouth.


Bodega Cano
Higueruela (Albacete)


Adolfo Cano
Marià Bigordà, father
Marià Bigordà, son


100% white Sauvignon
Aged in 1902 clay amphora on fine lees for 6 months
13 % vol.


  • Rather old vines, with an average age of 35 years and at an altitude of about 1050m. Calcareous, dry and not too deep soils. Traditional but ecological agriculture. Continental climate with Mediterranean influence, which can reach -10ºC in the winter and 30ºC in the summer. Average production per vine: 2 to 3kg of grapes.

  • Manually harvested in 15kg boxes in sorting tables, cryo-maceration for 24 hours before its controlled fermentation at around 16ºC for three weeks. Maceration on fine lees for 6 months in clay amphora and stirred every week.

  • Great expression of fresh and citrus fruit, with touches of tropical fruits and fruits with pit, as the variety demands. Pleasant feeling in the mouth at the beginning, and very full and fluid at the end. Very well integrated acidity.

  • Shelf life of more than 5 years.


Serve from 6.5-8ºC.
There is no need to decant the bottle. Simply open it half an hour before serving it.


  • Wines are always stored horizontally in a cool place where temperatures don’t go above 18ºC.

  • It is important to open the bottles or decant them before consumption depending on the type of wine.

  • The colour, its intensity and hue, can define the features and characteristics of the wine.


All kinds of fish
Salads and grilled vegetables
White meat