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Vites Veteres

Vites Veteres de Mas d’en Compte 2014


DOQ Priorat


In Porrera’s Cal Pla cellar, Joan Sangenís and Marià Bigordà, father and son, decided to store 1492 bottles from the 11 original barrels from Vitis Veteres Mas d’en Compte’s 2014 regular harvest. They did so to test its aging evolution in the French oak barrel (for 19 months) and in bottles (for more than 7 years). You can check the result by tasting and enjoying one of those bottles. To enjoy and get crazy happy about it! It will leave you speechless… With a longevity of 9 years and an unbelievable price!


DOQ Priorat
Celler Cal Pla
Porrera, Tarragona


Joan Sangenís
Marià Bigordà, father
Marià Bigordà, son


75% Garnatxa, 25% Samsó
Aged for 19 months in French oak barrel, and stored for at least 7 years in the bottle.
14% vol.


  • Over 77-year-old goblet-pruned vineyards, and in terraces with abundant ferric liqueur. Average altitude and low pluviometry.

  • Hand-picked and selected harvest in 15kg boxes, and cryo-maceration for 24 hours before its controlled fermentation at around 24ºC for one month. Aged for a minimum of 19 months in fine-grained medium-toasted French oak barrels, and a minimum of 7 years in the bottle.

  • Very expressive wine when smelled, ripe in the mouth, and with a good topping of black fruit with syrup, balsamic pines, leather and English chocolate, with an elegant spiced background. A wine that we recommend you take your time enjoying! Shelf life: 8 to 9 years. Ripe Garnatxa with strong aromatic expression, and very elegant and polished Samsó. An excellent combination for a great wine!


Serve from 16,5-17ºC.

Decant the wine 2 hours before serving it. With the bottle at an angle pour the wine trying to keep the flow slow and steady, then spin it counter-clockwise a couple of times and let it sit until it is ready to drink.


  • Wines are always stored horizontally in a cool place where temperatures don’t go above 18ºC.

  • It is important to open the bottles or decant them before consumption depending on the type of wine.

  • The colour, its intensity and hue, can define the features and characteristics of the wine.

  • In Spain there are only two Qualified Denominations of Origin: Rioja and Priorat.


Premium cold meat
Mushrooms and big game
Bull meat
Cured cheeses