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DOP Utiel-Requena


A few years ago, when talking about the Valencian variety BOBAL, it was easy to fall into the trap of thinking about massive wine making, without more virtues than to obtain a correct product, but with no further aspiration. Thanks to the evolution of vine-growing and oenology, today we talk about wines with singular and very attractive perspectives, because they are very different from the best-known varieties already so globalized. Autochthonous from the area of Utiel-Requena, the Bobal is cultivated with altitude, in calcareous lands not exempt from stone, following the goblet pruning system, although not forgetting about the green pruning system. The vineyard reaches its maturity to give us a captivating product, just like the one achieved in the Pasiego Winery between Jose Luis Salón and Marià Bigordà, father and son, which we think must be a real discovery for the customers of Gran Anyada.


DOP Utiel-Requena
Bodegas Pasiego
Sinarcas (València)


José Luis Salón
Marià Bigordà, father
Marià Bigordà, son


Bobal 100%
Aged for 15 months in French, Hungarian and American oak barrels
14,5 % vol.


  • Vineyards of 60 to 80 years of age in calcareous and rocky soils, located at an altitude of about 900m.
  • Manually harvested and selected in sorting tables when entering the wine cellar. old pre-fermenting macerations for about 15 days. Slow and controlled fermentation (with yeast from the vineyard itself) at 24ºC. Aged for 15 months in French, Hungarian and French oak barrels, and then a minimum of 12 months in the bottle.
  • Shelf life: around 12 years.
  • Great dark red cherry pigmentation. Cheerful, powerful and clean aroma, from dark, ripe and sweet fruits, plums and blackberries. Balsamic hints. Gentle, silky and roasted tannins. Good tear. Long, smooth and well-structured finish. Good tear. Soft, long finish with a very good structure.


Serve from 15-17ºC.

Decant the wine 2 hours before serving it. Turn the bottle upside down and let the wine splash out of the bottle into the centre of the decanter, then spin it counter-clockwise a couple of times and let it sit.


  • Bobal is an autochthonous variety of the region of Valencia. It is a thick-skinned grape with late sprouting, but sensitive to late frosts. It does not resist oïdium very well, but it does resist mildew, which are both typical diseases of the grapes produced by fungi. It is also very resistant to drought.
  • Wines are always stored horizontally, in cool places where temperatures don’t go above 18ºC.
  • It is important to open the bottles or decant them before consumption depending on the type of wine.


Red meat
Big game
Mature cheeses
Desserts with dark chocolate